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Our Team


London Capital Homes since 2012: Your Gateway to Unparalleled Luxury Living in London


Xiaowen Li (Company Director)


Xiaowen is a distinguished alumna of the University of Oxford, where she honed her intellectual prowess, strategic thinking, and a commitment to excellence. Xiaowen possesses a deep understanding of financial markets, investment strategies, and risk assessment. Her experience as a former banker provides a unique perspective on real estate investments, allowing her to guide LCH with financial acumen and precision. Xiaowen is a visionary leader who continually raises the bar in the luxury letting industry in the UK. Her ability to identify emerging market trends, adapt to evolving customer preferences, and make data-driven decisions has been instrumental in shaping LCH’s strategy and growth.


As the Director of LCH, Xiaowen brings an extraordinary blend of financial expertise and a deep love for the real estate industry. Her leadership ensures that our clients receive the highest standards of luxury living and unmatched service. Under her guidance, LCH group continues to redefine the standards of opulence and sophistication in the London real estate market. We are immensely proud to have Xiaowen leading our team, and we invite you to experience the luxury, exclusivity, and excellence that define LCH under her visionary leadership.


Lettings Team:


Wesley Li (Head of Lettings)

Wesely has earned a master’s degree from the University of Surrey. With years of experience in the real estate and property management sector, Wesley brings a wealth of industry knowledge to our team. This expertise allows him to navigate the complexities of the rental market effortlessly and to provide valuable insights to both landlords and tenants. As our Head of Letting, Wesley is the driving force behind our commitment to delivering top-tier property rental experiences. Whether you're searching for your next home or seeking expert guidance in managing your investment property, Wesley is here to make the process seamless and rewarding.


Haein Lee (Lettings Negotiator)

With a master’s degree in International Hotel Management and a passion for real estate, Haein brings a fresh perspective and exceptional service to the property rentals in LCH. Leveraging her hospitality background, Haein transitioned seamlessly into the world of real estate. She recognized that the principles of guest satisfaction and attention to detail in the hotel industry are equally vital in creating exceptional rental experiences for our clients. As our Lettings Negotiator, Haein offers a unique blend of Korean cultural background, international hospitality experience, and a strong dedication to customer satisfaction. She is your trusted partner in finding the ideal rental property or securing favorable rental terms for your investment.

Waleed Ibrahim (Lettings Negotiator)

Waleed is an alumnus of University of Hertfordshire. With a BSc in Computer Science and a passion for real estate, Waleed brings a fresh perspective and exceptional service to the world of property rentals in LCH. He strives to secure the best possible rental terms for both landlords and tenants, ensuring that every party benefits from fair and advantageous agreements. His adaptability and respect for different customs and preferences ensure that every client feels valued and well-served. Waleed helps LCH bring a global perspective and an ability to connect with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Customer Relationship Management Team:


Wei Li (Head of CRM)


Wei has earned a master’s degree in Digital Media from UCL. With her extensive experience in real estate industry and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, Wei serves as the Head of Customer Relationship Management at LCH. Under her leadership, our CRM team has achieved specific improvements, significantly enhancing client satisfaction and operational efficiency. Having grown alongside the company, Wei exemplifies proactive and timely customer responsiveness, ensuring seamless interactions and satisfaction at every touchpoint. Wei is also an advocate for continuous learning and development, fostering a culture of excellence within the team.


CC Cheung (Customer Service)


CC holds a BSc in Management Science from UCL and is known for her expertise in conflict resolution. CC brings over 3 years of experience in customer service and property management. She has a proven track record of enhancing tenant and landlord relations, improving service delivery and she is dedicated to ensuring that both landlords and tenants receive exceptional support and service.


Property Management Team:


Jessie Ko (Head of Property Management)

Jessie is a MSc in Mathematical Finance and dedicated more than 10 years in the real estate industry. With a commitment to excellence, a wealth of experience, and a dedication to ensuring the seamless management of our property portfolio, Jessie is the guiding force behind our commitment to exceptional property management services. As the Head of Property Management, Jessie is the driving force behind LCH’s commitment to delivering top-tier property management services.

Kenneth Chu (Property Manager)

Kenneth have been living in London since he was 19 and completed his university degree in 2010. He is meticulous in property management, ensuring that every rental unit under his care is maintained to the highest standards. In LCH, Kenneth oversees property inspections, maintenance requests, and any issues that may arise during your tenancy to ensure a hassle-free living experience.

Administration & Accounts Team:

Iris Lee (Client Administrator)

Iris possesses a wealth of financial expertise and a deep understanding of accounting principles. As our Client Administrator, Iris is our clients’ dedicated point of contact, working tirelessly to ensure that their rental journey is not only efficient but also truly exceptional. Her primary responsibilities encompass contract renewals, tenancy swaps, generating landlord statements, and organizing tax returns among other vital administrative tasks.

Maggie Leung (Account Administrator)

Maggie is deeply committed to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of clients’ property operations, effective and timely communication is at the heart of her service. Maggie excels at maintaining open and transparent lines of communication, ensuring that LCH’s clients are well-informed and that all inquiries are addressed promptly. Maggie is also dedicated to meticulous record-keeping, ensuring that all client interactions are accurately documented and that every piece of information is readily available when needed.

Marketing Team:


Dr. Tracey Tsui (Head of China Desk)

Tracey holds a Ph.D. in Aesthetics & Media Studies. She is a visionary professional who plays a pivotal role in shaping the brand identity and marketing strategies of LCH. With a proven track record in marketing and a deep understanding of the real estate industry in London, she has the skills and insights to create and implement strategies that set LCH apart. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of marketing principles, Tracey is the driving force behind our commitment to exceptional branding and client engagement.


Ning Cheng (Marketing Manager´╝ë

Ning is a seasoned marketing professional with five years of experience and a Media and PR master's degree, boasts expertise in luxury brand management certified by LVMH. His strategic approach and creative campaigns have consistently driven brand success. Ning excels in analyzing market trends and consumer behavior, leveraging skills in Python and PowerBI for effective data analysis. Known for effective communication and collaboration, Ning thrives in team environments, contributing to the growth of brands while staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving marketing landscape. His commitment to excellence and continuous learning distinguishes him in the dynamic field of marketing.

May Yi (Social Media Specialist)

May holds a prestigious master’s degree in Film Studies from KCL.This academic background provides her with a profound understanding of filming and editing. She understands the power of platforms like Facebook, IG, TikTok, and the RED and knows how to leverage them effectively to reach our target audience and convey our brand’s message. As our Social Media Specialist, May is the creative force behind our brand’s digital presence. Her expertise in marketing and social media strategy ensures that our message is delivered effectively, engaging our audience, and driving brand awareness.


Maintenance Team:


Ilie Zlatan (Maintenance Person)

As our Maintenance Person, Ilie is the guardian of our properties, working diligently to ensure that every property in our portfolio is maintained to the highest standards. Whether you’re a tenant with a maintenance request or a landlord seeking property upkeep, Ilie is here to make sure that our properties are in excellent condition.